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10 Whatsapp hacks we bet you never knew

Whatsapp has almost become the dominant chat platform these days, as it has subtly replaced the old fashioned text messages. Won’t it be shocking to find out that asides sending/receiving message, and exchange of media files, there are ten (10) more exciting things that enhance your whjatsapp usage?

Here they are..

  1. PIN A CHAT: Sometime, you want your important conversations at the top of your chat list because scrolling through scores of messages to find that chat can be tedious. well, worry no more. You can now pin a contact to the top of the list. To do this, long press on the chat from that person, then press the ‘pin icon’ that appears right next to the delete, mute and archive icons on the top of the page. Only three contacts can be pinned to the top of the conversation list for now.
    WhatsApp has been supporting GIFS for a while now, but we bet you did not know you can create your own GIFs in the app. However, you can only create GIFs using videos that are saved on your camera roll. To create your GIF, Open the WhatsApp chat of the contact whom you want to send the GIF to, Click on the attach icon > Select Gallery > Go to videos, select the video you wish to create a GIF from. As soon as you do this, it’ll open up in the video editing section of WhatsApp. Here, you have to adjust the length of the video to 6 seconds or less, as longer GIFS are not supported by WhatsApp. Once the video length is less than 6 seconds, the option of converting it to a GIF will appear as a slider on top right. Now all you need to do is take the slider towards GIF, and you’re set. It is that easy.
  3. CHAT IN OTHER LANGUAGES: English is the primary set language on whatsapp, but it isn’t the only language in you can communicate with on the app. WhatsApp supports a number of other languages. If you ever want to type in a different language, open WhatsApp > Go to Settings > Select Chats > Click on App Language. You can then pick the language you wish to type in.
  4. CREATE A CONVERSATION SHORTCUT ON HOME SCREEN: Rather than open your WhatsApp and going to a frequently chatted person each time you want to talk to them, you can add a conversation shortcut on your home screen. Just long press on the conversation, click on three dot on top of the page and click ‘Add chat shortcut’.
  5. SET CUSTOMIZED NOTIFICATIONS: You can make that special person feel special by going extras on your whatsapp when they send you messages. make their notifications buzz different from others. Open the contact you wish to customize notifications for, click on the top bar, and select ‘Custom Notifications’.
  6. SUICIDE HOTLINE NUMBERS: Did you know WhatsApp has suicide hotline numbers? Just go to Settings > Help > FAQ > Security and Privacy. Just before the last line that drops, is the  ‘Global Suicide Hotline Resources.’ The security and privacy section also responds to other queries you have about WhatsApp.
  7. CHECK WHEN YOUR MESSAGES HAVE BEEN READ: With the option of turning read receipts and last seen off, it is hard to know if someone hasn’t read your message or they are simply ignoring you. WhatsApp, however, has a solution for this. Just long press on the message you have sent and then select information icon ‘i’ on the top bar. You’ll get to know if your message has been read or not. However, you can only know the exact time of your message being read if the person does not have read receipts and last seen off.
  8. TURN OFF AUTO-DOWNLOAD OF MEDIA RECEIVED: You probably receive a multitude of photos and videos on WhatsApp — half of them are actually not needed. If you are a part of any pesky Groups on WhatsApp, chances are you’ll be getting a lot of “Good Morning, have a nice day” type of pictures and videos on a regular basis. You can manage what gets downloaded automatically and what doesn’t. Go to Settings > Select Data usage and choose the most appropriate options.
  9. BLOCK SELECTED CONTACT(S) FROM  VIEWING A PARTICULAR WHATSAPP STATUS: All ye cheaters (LOL), you can now block your main boyfriend/girlfriend from seeing your WCW/MCM posts about your side chic/guy, with ease. Simply go to Status, click on ‘Privacy’ at the Top left corner, you’ll see the option of who you want to see your updates. Cheating just got easier (LOL).
  10. MUTE STATUS UPDATES FROM CERTAIN CONTACTS: Same vein as number 9, you can also mute getting view option from certain contacts when they update their status (stories). Click on one of their stories, you will fine three dotted lines on the top right corner, click on it, and you will see the mute button.

We trust these tips would be a tad helpful in improving your whatsapp usage.


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