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5 Don’ts To Stay Clear of Scams

Lots of people have fallen victim to scams and a lot will still fall except they are smart enough to recognize a scam.  Phishing links or scams like we all know is the most devious form of identity theft in which fraudsters trick internet users into submitting personal information to illegitimate websites that appear exactly like the original websites and it is quite impossible to tell them apart unless you check its URL.

So how do you really recognize a phishing link or scam before you are lured into it?

Most phishing links or scams are in form of spam messages or pop-ups and it can also be an embedded link in an email. Like the message that notified you of some large sum of money you won, requesting for your account details?


Or that webpage that offers low-cost products in the name of luring you to make purchases so that your ATM or credit card details can be accessed? 

You can be wowed, but don't be fooled.

You can be wowed, but don’t be fooled.

However, if you stick to the “5 don’ts” below, I can guarantee you wont fall a victim.

1. Don’t click a link you don’t trust,keep link clicking to a minimum and be wary of pop-ups.

Pop-up window

Pop-up window

2. Don’t trust a site till you have verified it’s security by checking the web address in the address bar. If the website is secure, it should start with https// rather than http//. The s means security.

Not safe.

Not safe.



3. Don’t use a system with an outdated Anti-virus software or out dated browser for online transactions.

Don't slack.

Don’t slack.

4. Don’t make confidential entries through links provided in emails nor call numbers provided in emails. Rather, contact the real company directly, and enter the Bank’s address in the URL instead of going through a link.

The way it goes...

The way it goes…

5. Don’t download files from unreliable sources.

All that glitters is not gold.

All that glitters is not gold.

And for business owners, make sure you educate your employees about the danger of phishing links and also train them on how to identify and avoid it because it takes only one of them to infiltrate your network like the case of Target and Sony, followed by the recent infiltration of Apple in China.


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