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Windows is the world’s most common operating system with over 95% of the world’s consumer and enterprise PCs running Windows in one form or another, but as robust and as polished as the operating system maybe,there are a few annoyances and issues each and every user normally encounter.

Though, I’ll like to state emphatically that this don’t mean Windows is faulty, only that it is like every other device we use every other day. There is a chance that some irritations may stem up for a number of reasons, one being the way we use and maintain it.

There were actually a lot of complains and lamentations from Windows 8 users all over the world. Just like Vista, it was apparently nothing much of a massive success. Starting from the lack of the Start Menu to the vast user interface that made the experience seem alien when compared to the warm familiarity of Windows XP to 7.

I too have my reservations about the software because I have been there, so I know how it really feels. This is why I compiled a list of solutions, especially for those not ready to upgrade to Windows 10 or the ones running a counterfeit Windows.These solutions will help you to battle these problems and totally put the gloom away from your faces.

1. Start Menu: The number one issue that Windows 8 users complain about is the missing Start menu. Fortunately, there are some third party solutions that can resurrect the Start menu in Windows 8 and one of them is the Stardock’s $5 Start8. This application will let you run the Start Menu in Windows 8 effortlessly. Simply Google the application and download.

2. A sluggish system or slow booting time: Simply go to your Task manager and click on ‘More Details’. The simplified ‘Processes’ tab then reveals what is currently using your CPU time, RAM, hard drive and network bandwidth.  If your boot time is slow, then click the ‘Startup’ tab to see the programs your system launch whenever Windows boot. If you spot high impact programs you’re sure you don’t need, right click them and select ‘Disable’ to ensure they are not loaded next time. You can also install CCleaner and GetFolderSize programs on your system. CCleaner like its name clears away all form of clutters and cleans out all kinds of junk from your PC, while GetFolderSize helps to clear up hard drive space but if you keep experiencing freezing and hanging moments on your system afterwards, it may be that you need a RAM upgrade.

3.  A crashing and restarting Windows Explorer: This problem can be frustrating because it keeps occurring in a short space of time, thereby making Windows a bit hard to use. To fix this problem, go to ‘Settings’, and then ‘Update and Recovery’. After that, open ‘Recovery’, and click ‘Get started’ under ‘Refresh your PC’, without affecting your files.

4. Wi-Fi issues: There are times you may need to share your laptop’s internet connection, whether its because of restrictive hotel Wi-Fi or the only option is a single wired connection and Windows doesn’t feature great built-in tools for transforming your PC into an ad hoc hotspot. So, what do you do? Simply use programs like Connectify Hotspot, MyPublicWifi and Virtual Router to share your computer’s internet connection in no time. Another common issue with Wi-Fi is that of the device showing limited connectivity or it drops connectivity altogether. The best way to solve this is by downloading the wireless adapter’s latest driver from the manufacturer’s website. Once you have done this, go to Network and Sharing Centre > Change Adapter Settings. Right-click on the troublesome adaptor in Network Connections > Properties > Configure > Driver > Select Update Driver > Browse My Computer > Let Me Pick. There will be two drivers to pick from: the Windows 8.1 version and the new ODM drivers. Install the ODM drivers and this should fix the problem.

5. Managing a pile of product keys: A big downside of using Windows is that you end up managing a pile of product keys. You are always stuck with having to figure out what product key is necessary, should you ever need to reinstall a program. Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a great tool to have in your kit. The program lets you recover the product keys for more than 300 desktop programs and there is a paid version that recovers more than 6,500 programs.

Well, nothing is really guaranteed in this beautiful world of ours, but I can guarantee you that the methods and tools discussed above will be effective in helping you combat and solve annoyances commonly encountered on Windows 8, thereby saving you a lot of trouble.

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