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5 Smart Ways To Shop Online This Xmas



As the year is folding to an end, coupled with the yuletide season in the air, there is bound to be lots of exchange of gifts and a corresponding increase in the rate at which people shop online as most will be scuttling for the best deals and best prices, in the name of making the right impression but unknowingly to some, their exploits on these online stores can turn the supposed terrific season into a sour one, as they ignorantly open their doors to fraudulent activities and this is why I put up this article, to warn and admonish you on how to safely shop online this season, so you don’t have yourself to blame after all.

1. Be wary of phishing scams. Do not click on a link you don’t trust nor give out your personal details on suspicious sites. For more on how to protect yourself from phishing scams, check this article for more.

2. Be wary of uncommon online stores. There are lots of fraudulent websites out there that lures people by parading products at extremely low prices in other to capture users credit card details when they try to make a purchase. You can be wowed, but don’t be fooled.

3. Be wary of public Wi-Fi. Most public Wi-Fi networks are not protected with encryption and what this means is anything you do can easily be viewed by a third party, including your passwords and credit card details.

4. Be wary of outdated Softwares. It can be your smartphone, anti-virus or browser. Make sure your device, be it smartphone or computer is up to date before you try shopping, to remove all forms of vulnerability.

5. Keep your confirmations. Should you need to return the item or if a dispute arises, these records will make it easier to provide the merchant or your credit card company with all relevant information.


And if you suspect a fraudulent transaction or attempt on your credit card account, contact your credit card provider immediately to deactivate the card and stop the fraudster from causing you more headaches.


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