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7 Simple Ways To Boost Your Wi-Fi

Once in a while, you may be plagued with slow speeds, bad receptions and other Wi-Fi issues and this can be frustrating at times but before you go cursing or thinking of how to boost your network’s wireless router,why don’t you first consider the factors that may be hindering your router?

Such factors are distance, structure of your home or office and interference with signals from other routers or devices like furnace, washing machine, microwave,dryer and so on.

If any of these devices is situated between the router and your laptop, there will be interference and hence slow performance.



For optimal performance, you need to follow the six steps highlighted below.

1. Make sure your hardware is up to date.

2. Elevate and centralize the router for easy access from all angles, and make sure it is free of walls and obstructions.

3. Get rid of interference such as cordless phones, microwave,dryers,etc.

4. Secure your router from bandwidth stealers, even if passworded, still use a WPA password for better security.

5. On a regular basis, control bandwidth hogging applications like video chats, online games, torrent files, Netflix. All these applications can hog your bandwidth, thereby reducing the speed. You can use Quality of Service, QoS to prioritize certain applications.

6. You can also use an old wireless router to extend the range of your router with DD-WRT Firmware.

7. Reboot your router.

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