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7 Ways Of Using Facebook Wisely

Apparently, Facebook is becoming the most addictive thing on earth as one out of seven people on the planet is a Facebook user and each Facebook user can’t go a day without a minimum of  40 minutes “Facebook fix,” all thanks to Zuckerberg.

Anyway, the bone of the matter is that most users are becoming blinded by the sugar of this platform to the insecurities and danger that lurks in its constant “use.”Perhaps, you don’t know that the cake of social media is also a good source of privacy intrusions, identity theft, and countless crimes.

All the same, the best defensive approach is a moderate use of the medium and below are seven wise ways of enjoying Facebook without exposing yourself to its dangers.

1. Choose your friends wisely. If you really want to limit your time on Facebook, just limit the number of friends you accept.

2. Skip the applications/games.  If you are on  Facebook to connect with friends, then get on Facebook to connect with friends.  You don’t need to spend your time joining the mafia, building a farm, or finding out which Disney princess you are.

3. Remove all e-mail notifications and remove Facebook’s opportunity to interrupt your daily life at any moment. 

4. Hide unnecessary notifications from your newsfeed.  if you’re not interested in someone’s or an application’s updates specifically, you can hide them from your newsfeed permanently.                                                                

5. Discipline yourself to log-in once/day.

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6. If personal discipline isn’t working for you, there are websites that will limit your time for you: minutesplease.com, for example.

7. Honorable mention: choose your photos wisely, choose your fan pages wisely, and become a friend of the “ignore” button.

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