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9 Kinds Of People To Avoid

Some people are intentionally extra toxic and enjoy the chaos they create while jumping on people’s last nerves. But a huge number of persons are quite oblivious of their negativity and mood dampening attitudes.

As commonly said in this part of the world, “live, and let’s leave”. It is most soothing to avoid toxic people, but the universe has a way of making all that we never crave come around us at happy moments, so we grow into accomodating them in our daily lives.

Previous studies revealed that stress have a lasting negative impact on the human brain. As little as an exposure a few days of stress affects a very important part of the brain responsible for reasoning and memory. Hence, victims of stress have tendency of suffering temporary amnesia and poor creativity. A weeks of stress can cause reversible damages to the brain cells, but months of incessant stress can permanently destroy the human brain. Guys, toxic people don’t just make you miserable—they’re really hard on your brain.

On that note, below is a list of these kind of persons we speak avoidance of….



These ones hide under the façade of friendship, but are pretty much wolves in sheep clothing. They are tricky to deal with because they find a way to gain your trust, and find solace in them. They know what you like, what makes you happy, and what you think is funny, but the difference is that they use this information as part of a hidden agenda. Manipulators always have an unpleasant end game. A relationships with them gets you doing all the giving (mostly out of pity), with almost nothing in return. A manipulator will do anything to win you over, just so they can work you over. They turn around you the moment they stop getting anything from you, and move to the next available target. They are a tad easy to spot, as they prey on financially comfortable persons with insecurities.



LOL. The name we chose to call these ones might sound a bit harsh, but if you have ever come in contact with any of these people, you’d undoubtedly agree with us.

Now lets explain them and how they operate-  Have you ever experienced a dampened mood at the thought of someone coming into a room, class, office, or a gathering? Yes?…Congratulations! You’ve met a dementor.

Dementors suck the life out of the room by imposing negativity and pessimism on everyone they come across. Their opinions are always glass half empty, and they almost always inject fear and concern into even the most benign situations.



These are Self-absorbed, full of themselves, and effortlessly demoralise others by distancing from them and making them feel non-existent. It is easy to know them, as there’s this feeling of loneliness when with them. Conversations with these ones usually die sudden deaths, as they strictly maintain a monosyllabic response, or boring exclamations of “uh huh”, “hmm” and “ehen” from time to time. As far as these ones are concerned, there is really no point having a real connection between them and anyone else. Other people are merely tools used to build their self-esteem.

My people, the economy is already depressing enough, don’t allow these ones come into your life and snatch whatever happiness is left in it.



These ones are the last you should share your progress or good news with. This is simply because of their locked in believe of never being surpassed. Everything is a competition with them, and they sometimes resort to evil to suppress people’s progress. Spending time around jealous people is not advisable, as they make you trivialise your accomplishments and see less glory in them.



Gossips derive orgasmic pleasures from other people’s misfortunes. They are usually a small group of persons, mostly females (permit our misogyny), who gather to talk about shortfalls of people that are sometimes presumed their friends. Undeniably, it is sometimes fun to once in a while pry and discuss happenings in other people’s personal lives, but pretty depressing to the subjects when it becomes a routine.

Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people. – Eleanor Roosevelt




They are tough to identify as we are most time, blinded by empathy for them. But with time, you begin to realize that their “time of need” is all the every time in their lives. They are known to easily convert mole hills to mountains and cry rivers about it. Victims see challenges as stress, and prefer to cry about them until the burden is taken away. They are a whole load of stress to manage, and initiates pessimism as a get away for tough situations.




Arrogance is sometimes laughable as it reeks of false confidence, and mask for insecurities. Arrogant people tend to be lower performers, more disagreeable, and have more cognitive problems than the average person. In this part of the world, they are what we call the “I too Know” LOL.

They are quite annoying and stressful to deal with, as they never take corrections. We have reasons to believe the saying “pride goes before a fall” was basically crafted for them.



These ones lash out at you at the slightest opportunity. . Temperamental people are tough to dump from your life because their lack of control over their emotions makes you feel bad for them. When push comes to shove though, temperamental people will use you as their emotional toilet and should be avoided at all costs.



These ones get attain pleasure from hurting, intimidating and humiliating other people. It is quite stressful being around a bully, and they sometimes leave permanently scarred for life with insecurities.




Make no mistakes guys, this article isn’t a deliberate attack on certain personalities. As a matter of fact, it works both ways, as maintaining an emotional distance requires awareness of the kind of person you are first, then who to avoid. You can’t stop someone from jumping your last nerve if you don’t recognize when it’s happening. As humans, we sometimes find ourselves in situations that require outright choice of the best way forward.


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