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How To Locate Your Missing Phone With Google

Of all our valuable gadgets, our phone is one that is mostly misplaced and we can be so unfortunate to forget it in unexpected places like the toilet, restaurant or even a cab. We then wonder where we might have lost it. Some may be fortunate to forget it at home, work or a loyal friend’s house but irrespective of where we misplaced it,one can be thrown into a fit of anxiety and worry in that split second you realized it is missing, 

Woman worried over her missing phone

Woman worried over her missing phone

Seriously,we have all been there before and I know you will understand this awkward moment well.

But instead of working yourself up or giving in to anxiety so it can squeeze the peace out of your life, Google is out to make your search easier and quicker.It lets you Google your phone’s location and even rings it for you so you can locate it. You can also lock it or erase it and for you to enjoy this service, you must have the latest version of the Google search app installed on your device.

Now, to locate your device,simply open your browser and make sure you are signed into Google search using the same account you use on your phone. Google, ‘where is my phone’ or ‘find my phone’. You will see the following in the search results.

Screenshot (1)

Screenshot (3)

The ring and location feature will help you find your phone if you have left it some place or if you have just misplaced it at home between books or its fallen into the sofa.

Screenshot (2)

You can easily fish it out wherever its hooked through the sound of its ringing and I know at this junction,some people will be wondering what if I simply dial my phone through someone elses’ phone?

Well, the difference is it also applies to all phones that have no sim card inserted in them.All it needs to work is an internet connection and as long as your phone is connected to the internet, you will always locate it with Google.

I am sure you know what to do when next you are faced with challenging situations like a missing phone or tablet because I shared this wonderful tip with you.

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