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It has now become glaring that Facebook is indeed the cake of social media from statistics released some days ago by the social media giant. The statistics showed that 15 million Nigerians access the medium monthly through their mobile phones while another study revealed that each Facebook user spends at least 40 minutes on Facebook daily, checking what’s new in their News Feed. And when people see content that is relevant to them, they are more likely to be engaged, including stories from businesses. What this spells is nothing but a grand opportunity for businesses, brands, organizations and so on to thrive on the platform.

Meanwhile, Facebook offers a free, easy to maintain online presence for businesses such that business owners don’t require any extra configuration to have a complete information of their business contained and it even offer tools to create videos, photos and events that bring a business’ story to life. There is absolutely no other platform in the media world with an outrageous reach as the Facebook, nor equal benefits and this is why any entity aiming to achieve its business goals on Facebook must have a clear strategy in place.

The irony is that Facebook can turn your brand into a network and there is nothing better, because a brand or business turned network virtually has all its customers as its marketers while feedback is observed in real time with efficient tools in place for measuring growth. Now,here is the million dollar question,’’How can a brand or business be turned into a network? Simply by maximizing its impact on Facebook and this can be done in 3 simple strategic steps:

1.By creating compelling contents. Content is the most important part of your page, because a good content will drive ‘mad traffic’ to your page and this is our primary goal. But note that for your contents to drive a large traffic,it must be valuable and you must be consistent with it. Be responsive by acknowledging comments. You can also run contests in form of photo contest, video contest or sweepstakes. Everyone is looking for a chance to win, so, we all love contests. And the sugar of all these contest is it generates excitement and a great buzz on your page, thereby encouraging people to share your contents with their friends.

2. By creating Facebook Adverts. The unique feature of Facebook adverts is it gives you an opportunity to send the right message to the right people. Create an advert directly from the admin panel of your page, target your ads to friends of those that already like you, fine-tune your target to look-alike audiences in the Advert create tool. You can also set your target to audience by location, age, gender, workplace, relationship status,etc.You can also turn your successful posts into successful promotions with little cash attachment.

3. By using Facebook Insights efficiently. You will see this on your page menu and what it does is it helps you understand your progress. it measures your unique users, fans conversion, clicks, activity, retention, loyalty and other metrics,thereby giving insights to who and who responded to your messages, their gender, age and location. You can also use it to establish when most of your fans are online, when your posts are engaged most and the best time to post. Page insights provide data and analysis that will help you in making major business and marketing decisions.

Amazingly, Facebook page has just been updated on mobile devices with the aim of expanding its reach and to help SMBs in Africa connect with potential customers. Marketing your business is all about helping you achieve your goals and Facebook has proven to make these goals real.


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