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Alarm rug that works with your feet

What renders most alarm clocks useless is the ease with which users can send them back to sleep at a mere stretch of their arms, but what if the alarm clock is one that can only be silenced with your feet on it, would it be effective? Well, on your feet sound more like it and that’s the awesomeness of this new invention by Winson Tam.

It is an alarm rug that will make sure you are up at the exact time you want to be and its function is the contrast of the common alarms that flock around us every day. This is because it has no snooze button and you must place your feet on it for 3 seconds before it goes off, no mercy, no compromise!

The real deal is that the gadget has the ability to give users motivational messages that will help them get the day started on an optimistic note and users can set these custom sounds (motivational messages) and also configure the alarm by connecting it to a computer through a fitted USB port in the rug.

The rug is made from rebounding memory foam and felt with a touch sensor and bright LED display in the corner.


Measuring 15.5 in x 23.5 in (40 x 60 cm), the clock runs on three AA batteries which are said to last one year of use.

And for stubborn over-sleepers who can easily nod their heads off and sleep back, I will advise you to place the rug in the other room or a fair distance from your cosy bed, at least.

All things possible, the Ruggie should be available to the public by September.


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