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Africa Magic Go Is Going Away

Africa Magic Go, a service similar to Hulu and launched in 2014 strategically for Africans living in the U.S and those following African culture across the world has made it known to its subscribers via a message that its streaming service won’t be available as from the 30th of November,2015.

The Multichoice streaming service that showcased Africa’s best original productions such as 53 Extra, Spinsters, Blue Flames, Tinsel-Nigeria’s most successful soap opera, Ghallywood’s Moving on for Ghanaian movie lovers and more via a PC for just $8 per month said it is working on something bigger, better and more African but left no clue as per when to expect the service back on air.

In this vein, all one can do is hope that Africa Magic Go’s comeback will be as big, better and more African, as proclaimed in its message and that its viewers will have the strength to bear its absence till its finally back.

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