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Wow! An ATM That Can Open Bank Accounts In Nigeria





Have you ever imagined a phenomenon where you can virtually do anything you want to on an automated teller machine, ATM? Such as withdrawing and paying in cheques, open a new account, speak with a customer relation officer and more without been in a banking hall and at any given time of the day?


Well, it is real and customers of the reputable Bank of America can attest to this but the good side of the story is that the service is available in Nigeria through the collaborative effort of Stanbic IBTC and National Cash Register, NRC, a global technology company.

The service, tagged “Personal Teller Machine” was launched in Lagos purposely to ease the stress associated with financial transactions and it will enable users to carry out full banking activities like account opening, cash deposit and withdrawal, cheque deposit and other general account enquiries like account balance, loan enquiries, card related services, among other functions, without having to use their debit cards or being supervised. 

The technology entails the use of teleconferencing just like your Skype and enables users to interact directly with a virtual teller when initiating a transaction on the machine. With its signature pen and pad, users can endorse and sign-off every transaction performed on his account and a scanner, which allows users scan small sized documents like utility bills, cheques, and identity cards. It has a camera to take pictures as evidence for the purpose of taking photographs for account opening.


The device would ensure faster turnaround time, convenience, privacy, efficiency, and guarantee the safety of banking transactions.

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