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Apple electric car could be ready to roll by 2019


Apple is revving the engine on its electric car business according to some back-seat drivers who have been gassing to the Wall Street Journal.
Apple keeps its cards, and its cars, close to its chest, but we have asked it for an official statement on the progress of its charged-up motorcade. They’ve yet to get back to us.
The Wall Street Journal has found some people with access to the information and loose lips, and they have told it that the Apple car will be a thing by 2019.
People familiar with what is happening told the paper that the light turned green for the so-called Project Titan recently and that the firm is putting itself in the driving seat and accelerating, etc.
The WSJ said that details are light, so perhaps its people are not that ‘familiar’ with what is going on. It is unclear, says the report, whether Apple will build the cars itself, or look for a partner. We would opt for the latter if we had to bet on this because that is what Apple tends to do when it comes to manufacturing.
The report notes that building an electric car is an ambitious and complex endeavour. Apple is not shy of making a bold move – it risked the alienation of iTunes users when it force fed everyone a U2 album, so we do not doubt that it has automobile-themed intentions.
We’ve already heard the faint purring of the Apple car. Back in February we had other rumours coming from Reuters. Their source said that it was unlikely that Apple would turn to a provider to help it build its motor.
“Fully automated driving is an evolution. Carmakers will slowly build the market for autonomous cars by first releasing connected and partially automated cars,” said the saucy source then.
“Apple is interested in all the potential ways you can evolve the car; that includes autonomous driving.”



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