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Candid Reflections, As Facebook Clocks 12 Tomorrow




Tomorrow, February 4th will be twelve years Mark Zuckerburg changed the way we socialise by connecting us with hundreds of ‘friends’, giving us a constant stream of information coupled with some good entertainment and a better platform for businesses to thrive on.

However, take a critic look at the social media giant and you will realise that there has been a great turnaround in the way we do things before its inception. Today, you can easily catch up on anyone’s activity, history and thoughts by mere going through their profiles.

A new car, a new house, a new job, a new child and even a new boyfriend or girlfriend and more are the news that keeps lining up the face of the site night and day though some people have posted some kinds of stuff they wish they never have posted. Nonetheless, you are an avid Facebook user and there is no way you won’t have a word or two about the sugar of social media.

This is why am asking you this question, “Do you feel more connected or more lonely?”. “Probably you got connected to an awesome lady or guy, is it worth it?”. “Do you have closer or more distant friendships?”. What’s the strangest thing that ever happened to you on Facebook? Have you posted something you now regret?

Whether its horrible or awesome, we’ll like to know how Facebook has affected you so far as tomorrow marks it’s twelveth year in existence.

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