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Do you know that Google flavors are named after Desserts?

In the world of technology,the kind of naming conventions chosen by software

companies is something that will always ignite the curiosity of most consumers and

fans.Especially at the moment when they are about to make a new release,a lot of

fans usually go all out to guess the new name and this can be exciting for both the

companies and their fans.But surprisingly, most of Android’s fans are yet to know that

Google chose to name their software releases after food just as Intel name all its

CPUs after rivers.

Anyway,I must admit that the Google’s Android division certainly has a sense of humor

as it named all its version codenames after desserts. Maybe the reason they chose this

kind of alphabetical naming convention is to accentuate the sweetness of their

versions or why would they choose “tasty treats”? So, what are the different versions

of Android OS and the desserts associated with them? Let’s go over the previous

versions and their codenames.

Android 1.5 Codename Cupcake

Android-1.5-Cupcake (1)

Apparently, Android 1.5 is not the first version but the versions before it (1.0 and 1.1)

were not codenamed so that is why we are starting from the version. Cupcake is a

small cake baked in a cup-sized container and typically iced.

Android 1.6 Codenamed Donut


This version was released in September 2009 with added features such as Bluetooth

2.1 support,flash and digital zoom for the camera, multi touch support and more.The

codename “Donut” is a small fried cake of sweetened dough, typically in the shape of

a ball or ring.

Android 2.0 / 2.1 Codenamed Eclair


Android 2.0 was released in October 2009 and 2.1 was released in January 2010. The

codename “Eclair” is a small,soft, log-shaped pastry filled with cream and typically

topped with chocolate icing.

Android 2.2 Codenamed Froyo


This version came an improved speed and browser support,Flash 10.1 plug-in support

along with USB tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot capability.Its codename “Froyo” was

derived from frozen yogurt and it is also a brand name. It is a frozen dessert made

from yogurt, so it is slightly more sour, but also lower in fat.

Android 2.3 / 2.4 Codenamed Gingerbread


Was officially released in December 2010 with features such as support for SIP

internet calling, NFC wireless transaction capability,support for more than one

camera,support for gyroscope and other sensors,download manager and more. Its

codename “Gingerbread” is a cake made with molasses and flavored with ginger.

Android 3.0 / 3.1 / 3.2 Codenamed Honeycomb


This version was released in February 2011 while 3.1 and 3.2 followed suit in July /

August of the same year. The codename “Honeycomb” is a sweetened breakfast

cereal.It consists of honey-flavored corn cereal bits in a honeycomb shape.

Android 4.0 Codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich


Launched in October, 2011.An ice cream sandwich is a frozen dessert consisting of ice

cream between two wafers, cookies, or other similar biscuit.

Android 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 Codenamed Jelly Bean


This version of Android was released in July,2012 while 4.2 was released in October

and 4.3 in July, 2013. They all came with features such as multi user support for

tablets, lock screen widgets, quick settings,screen savers etc. the codename “Jelly

bean is a bean shaped candy with a jellylike center and a firm sugar coating.

Android 4.4 / 4.4.1 / 4.4.2 / 4.4.4 Codenamed Kit-kat


Android 4.4 was released in October, 2013 while 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 were released in

December of 2013.Then 4.4.4 was released in June of 2014.They all came with added

features such as GoogleNow, faster multitasking,improved performance,easy printing,

etc., the codename “Kit-kat” is a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar confection.

Android 5.0 / 5.1 Codenamed Lollipop

Lollipop Forest

Android 5.0 was released in October 2014 with prominent changes such as a

redesigned user interface and internal changes to the platform, with the Android

Runtime (ART) officially replacing Dalvik for improved application

performance,etc.The codename Lollipop is a flat, rounded candy on the end of a


Android 6.0 Codenamed Macadamia Nut Cookie


This version has not been released and the codename is still a development name

internally, maybe Google will go for something more catchy when it rolls out.Anyway,

the codename Macadamia Nut Cookie is a rich cookie full of Hawaiian macadamia nuts

and chocolate chips.

Well, there is no way you can make mention of the versions without a tasty treat

coming to your mind.Maybe that is the concept but so far,Android has proven to be a

good alternative to iOS and is still the most “consumed”.

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