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Do you know that putting your computer to sleep often kills its life? Learn

You may be wondering what harm is there in putting your computer to sleep or enabling hibernate on it once in a while since it is a good way to keep an important task on standby with the thought of the computer getting enough rest while at it.

Little do you know that there is enough harm in it and if you are planning to make the most of your machine, I’ll advise you to go easy on closing its lid when you are supposed to press the power button, except you want it working like an old one.

Perhaps, you noticed lately that your device has been taking too long to get a simple process done or experiencing connectivity problems associated  with your Wi-Fi, then you must understand that you have dumped too much on its head at the time it ought to be resting or rejuvenating.

The reason is that whenever you put your laptop or desktop to sleep, there is a need for some sort of power to keep the computer’s state in memory and though, other parts are shutdown to save battery, the disk caches, zombie processes, memory leaks and more are still functioning in the underground.

And the effect is almost similar when you enable hibernate on your system. This process saves the current state by dumping the contents of its RAM into a file on its hard drive and some troublesome processes could be archived unknowingly, thereby leading to terrible situations like Wi-Fi problems and more.

However, shutting your computer often can be compared to you giving your car some rest after a vigorous driving exercise because you know it needs a fresh start for you to get the best from it when next you need it like you will always do.

Cherish the life of your PC.

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