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Facebook Announces Facebook Lite

Do you know there’s a stripped down version of the popular social networking app,


Well, FYI. Facebook just released a new app tagged as Facebook Lite. An alternative

to its main Facebook app.The app weighs only 1MB and would take less than a minute

to download.


This move by Mark Zuckerberg reveals the investor side of him as he is gunning for

new markets,especially the ones that are less exploited such as Latin America, Africa

and Europe.

What is the concept behind its release? To enable people living in remote parts of the

world convenient access to the most used social media app.Including communities

with low budget and dwindling network connections such as 2G networks.And

smartphone users with devices that have restricted bandwidth and low specs.


Like its name, the new Facebook Lite version has been stripped down to the

essentials.Technically,Facebook removed the advanced features that they added in

recent years.You know those features that drain your data in no time. Am referring to

Data intensive features such as auto-loading videos, high quality photos and rich

textures from News Feed.


Nevertheless,Facebook Lite runs the staple features users always use like Status

Updates, Photos, Notifications, Messenger and News Feed.

So,if you’re using a budget Android device, or your connection hovers around 2G

speeds, Facebook Lite is a better alternative for you. And for those that are strict on

their data use,this is good for you too.At least, you wont have to rely on your office

wifi every time you want to access your Facebook page cos this app will only consume

a fraction of your data.

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