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Facebook Is Adding New Features That Will Make You Nod



Facebook seems to be the only social network that keeps changing its features on a constant basis, maybe because its the social network that matters most in the world, I stand to be corrected on this. As always, the social media giant is out again with sweet news of some awesome changes to expect in its next profile update, especially in the notifications tab.

In the notifications tab, Facebook is planning to start providing more information like live sports scores, events around you, movies playing in your area, weather updates, nearby restaurants and more with the sole ambition of becoming your all in all when it comes to information matters.

The update is also coming with a new message request system to give room for more openness, allowing more people to get in contact with you while evading the possibility of a compromise to your account. This will promote more interactions between businesses and their customers thereby empowering lots of businesses because it will allow consumers to offer feedback, speak to customer service, and have a direct connection to a business.

What is Facebook turning itself to?

What is Facebook turning itself to?

What we are actually looking at is an all variety and all purpose platform that proves Zuckerberg is in no mood for a rest any sooner.


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