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You Can Now Send And Receive Money On BBM

Technology is best known for the ease it brings into most consumer’s lives and as always, it is evolving our well known BBM from the best real time chat experience around to the first true social engagement and e-commerce platform of its kind.

That is quite a giant leap and it is made possible by the collaboration of Interswitch and BlackBerry to launch a new mobile app called QuickTeller Mini for Android, Blackberry and iOS. Interswitch is still Africa’s leading digital payments and commerce provider.

The app is an integration of Interswitch’s Quickteller services with Blackberry’s BBM to enable BBM users with a Nigerian bank account make requests for money, airtime and payment for services from one of their BBM contacts.

Now, Blackberry Messenger users can access Quickteller services on their mobile devices by attaching payment requests and payments inside their chats and the transaction is just as safe as using the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

The QuickTeller mini app is available on Google Play store for Android and Blackberry phones while the iOS version will soon be available.

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