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Game of Thrones is halfway through filming final season, says star




The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is halfway through filming, according to star Peter Dinklage – but don’t expect it to air anytime soon.

“It’s time,” said Dinklage, who plays fan favourite Tyrion Lannister in the award-winning show, at Variety‘s Sundance Film Festival Studio on Saturday, January 20.

 “Storywise – not just for all our lives. It’s the perfect time to end it,” he added. “Sometimes shows stay on a little too long, the jumping-the-shark thing.”

It’s the sad part of our business because you get pockets of great people for short amounts of time and then you have to move on and it’s always heartbreaking.”

HBO, the network behind Game of Thrones, announced at the beginning of the year that the eight season won’t air until sometime in 2019.

“It’s the final season, and it’s a long one so we’re taking our time,” Dinklage concluded, before hinting that the final episodes are as long as some feature films.

 Season eight is expected to pick up where season seven left off, so we should find out what happened after the Night King brought down the infamous Wall.


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