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Google To Label Some Unsafe Website As ‘Repeat Offender’


Due to the fact that a lot of things these day are automated, in some cases it is easy to game the system. For example some pieces of software are trial-based, so what some users do is towards the end of the trial, they’ll uninstall it and reinstall it to reset the clock. The same is being done on websites that Google has marked unsafe.

According to Google, some unsafe websites have been gaming the system by putting on hold their activities, long enough for the warnings to be removed, and then doing it again. They’ll keep repeating this process for as long as they can, which is why Google will be introducing a tag that will mark these websites as “Repeat Offenders” as part of their Safe Browsing program.

Google writes, “Once Safe Browsing has determined that a site is a Repeat Offender, the webmaster will be unable to request additional reviews via the Search Console for 30 days, and warnings will continue to show to users. When a site is established as a Repeat Offender, the webmaster will be notified via email to their registered Search Console email address.”

Of course whether or not you still want to proceed to the website in question is entirely up to you since Google is merely warning you of what you can expect, but hopefully the tag will make it harder for unsafe websites to lure unsuspecting victims to them.



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