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Google Wants To Make Smartphones Ugly, For Your Good As Always




The appearance of a smartphone actually says a lot about the phone’s history and durability. Scratched all over, broken edge, cracked screen and rubber bands are tell tale signs of a phone that has been to hell and back, but who do we blame here? The owner or the undeniable fact that dropping and smashing of one’s phone can be inevitable at times?

This is the reason why Google’s latest idea will make a lot of sense to all smartphone users.

FYI, Google is going to start making some of their smartphone’s housing as ugly as hell in order to significantly reduce the risk of accidentally dropping your smartphone, since it is the smoothness that makes it easy for people to drop and potentially damage their devices.

My question: Will people really buy into this new idea? Are we going to dump our sleek phones for an ugly one? Maybe the guys will buy the idea but not the ladies because they are not a fan of ugly gadgets, not at all.

Nonetheless, the innovative method will prevent you from dropping your smartphone and smashing all of the delicate circuitry inside, because it’s designed in such a way to give your fingers better grip around the sides.

Honestly, I can’t help but commend such a brilliant idea and if you are in doubt of its effectiveness,  you may have to set your priorities right. Just saying!

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