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It is no longer news that social media has come to stay, especially in the lives of youths. Arguably, 90% of parents preach it as a NO, despite not fully fathoming its advantages and disadvantages.

One tends to ask– 


What is Social media?

Ron Jones, a web content analyst defined social media as “a category of online media where people are talking, participating, sharing, networking, and bookmarking”




  • Going by the definition, the social media is informative, as youths these days prefer it as a source for keeping tabs with happenings around the globe.
  • It has also increased the awareness of today’s youths.
  • It also helps kill boredom and bring connectivity, as many youths seeking employments, have been employed via friends or CVs dropped on social media.
  • It has on many counts, been a platform for easy complaints to brands for dissatisfaction towards their products or services.




Quoting from naysayers, “for everything that has advantages, there are also disadvantages”


  • Cyberbullying: According to a certain research carried out by Patchin, 2015, 34% of students reported to have been cyberbullied, while 15% admitted to have cyberbullied.
  • Social media ruins real life relationships: It has a way of making people change their perspective and assume they know others more, based on experiences or ‘standards’ they’ve seen online.

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