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How To Effectively Charge Your Smartphone In A Short Given Time

One thing every typical Nigerian knows is that the PHCN electricity we are given every day is not as guaranteed as our other alternative; the generator. You can have it now and next minute it is gone and this has left a lot of people at the mercy of PHCN times without number, especially in a situation where you have a ton of gadgets to charge.

However, if you do things right, you will always have the right outcome and this applies to the way you charge your gadgets even if it is just 30 minutes of electricity the almighty PHCN is able to spare you. 

And if you are wondering how in the name of technology will it be possible to get the maximum amount of power in so little time, then the next few lines will show you.

1. Use the Correct Outlet

To have the best of charge released to your smartphone fast enough, ensure you charge it through an outlet with the charger it came with rather than using your laptop’s USB because your laptop’s USB don’t release enough energy like the correct power outlet.

2. Turn On Airplane Mode

Reduce the processes your smartphone runs to allow it charge faster by turning Airplane Mode on. This mode will disable you from receiving or making calls plus the Internet or 4G. It will practically disable everything that keeps your phone from charging quickly.

3. Turn your phone off

This is the old school style and it is still applicable. By turning off your phone, all the energy goes to charging your phone and not lighting up the phone’s display.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Services

You can turn off unnecessary services such as GPS, Bluetooth, Push Notifications, NFC, and Wi-Fi if you don’t want to turn on the Airplane mode. Don’t allow your phone to update apps automatically or make backups. Also, avoid touching the phone’s display every ten seconds since this, too, drains your phone battery.

5. Use a Reliable USB Cable

To get the best charging results, always use the USB cable that came with your phone. If you use those cheap imitations (or those with thin cable), they might not transmit the maximum amount of energy, and your device will charge much slower.

6. Unplug Once It Reaches 100%

Keeping the phone plugged in when it has reached 100% is something most of us are guilty of. You might think that more energy can be packed in by keeping it plugged in but what happens is it hurts your device’s battery on the long run and affects how fast it can charge. Once it reaches 100%, unplug it. And it won’t hurt at all if it doesn’t reach 100% since high voltage stresses the battery.

7. Remove Your Phone’s Case While Charging

Removing your phone’s case will help keep it cool while charging and, therefore, keep your phone’s battery healthy. If you have a healthy battery, the faster it’s going to charge.


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