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How To Extract Scenes Or Short Clips From Movies

Are you a social media freak or simply someone who loves to indulge in a little Facebook or Twitter fun once in a while? If yes,then this tip is for you and you alone.

The tip is about how you can create your own fun in a more profound way by entertaining your friends and followers with hilarious scenes that can make your friends roll on the floor with laughter, all extracted from your favorite comedies and intriguing documentaries.

No doubt this tip will up your game in the social media world and it is no big deal. After all, the trick is hidden right under your nose.

1.Open the file or film with VLC media player.

2. Draw the clip to the hilarious scene you want to extract and

3. Click the Advanced control in the View menu of your VLC player.

4. Continue playing the movie and click on the record button to start recording.

5. Then click on the record button again when you are done recording to stop and save the clip.

The clip is automatically saved in the video folder on your system where you can retrieve it anytime you want to upload and share to your precious Facebook or twitter profile.

I bet it is time you start entertaining your friends with those amusing scenes that you don’t want to enjoy alone.



Remember,theres love in sharing.

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