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How to get your Website started

Almost everyone out there is selling something,maybe a product or service and we have

gotten to the age where web presence has become a necessity. If for nothing, you will

need the professionalism not to talk of credibility,accessibility, wider customer

range,improved customer service, influence and a lot of other good reasons to start a

website of your own.So in lieu of this, I have decided to provide you with a step by step

tip on how to start a website.

1. Write down all the information about your product or service.

2. Plan the site navigation,make sure it is simple and easy for your visitors to access

and find the information they are seeking,lest they become frustrated and leave your

site with a bad impression.

3. Keep your navigation consistent in all your pages,i.e if you use a menu on top, hold

on every page without altering it. Links graphics are usually more effective than text

alone, but make sure you use a chart that is easier to read and understand.

4. When choosing a color for the links, make sure you choose a color that match the

rest of your website so it would be attractive but don’t use too much colors.

5. Graphics tend to make a website attractive but it will be advisable you use a low size

and light graphics. Large graphics take long to load on a page while a light

background will make your text easy to read by visitors.

6. Include a search form or search box if your site is large as this will help visitors find

what they are looking for.

7. You will need to update your website daily because people love to read fresh and

new information. You can also create a page called “What’s New” or “Headlines”.

8. Affiliate links is a good way to generate traffic to your site and your affiliates’.

9. If you include a page of links, be sure to check it from time to time and remove links

that are dead. It’s annoying to click on a link to discover that the page no longer


10. It is very important that you include your contact information at the bottom of each

page such as your email address, business phone and fax features because when a

potential customer comes to your website through the front door,they want to know

where you are and how they can contact you to make comments, suggestions,


Anyway, all these tips should help you achieve an interesting and well designed site that

people will want to visit. But remember that content is the most important part of your

site, find quality information and update constantly.

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