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How To Prolong Your Smartphone Battery Life

The problem with smart phones is they aren’t always that smart.  Back in the day, the old style phones could last about five days without you having to worry about where you had put the charger, now though you’ll be lucky if it last 10 hours and this can leave you in a tough spot, like in the middle of nowhere and no way to get hold of anyone.Especially if you are someone like me who dislikes the look of power banksBetter still, there are ways you can help your phone to live longer.

With most smart phones you can listen to music, check your messages, check e-mail, go on Facebook, check the sport scores – but can you do them all at once? Of course you can’t. So as soon as you have finished looking at something, close and exit them properly, otherwise they stay open in the background draining your battery.

Reminder:Learn to maintain your battery level by turning off all apps you are not using including your bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

Bright screens are the biggest killer of your phone’s battery life. Of course,it is a little bit easier if it’s all bright and you can see all clearly, but would it hurt if you turned it down even 10 or 20%? 

It will definitely help your battery if you turn it down! Also avoid putting your phone on vibration mode as much as you can because it takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it.

And last but of course not least, roaming for data connection will also drain on your battery. So if you are somewhere where you know the signal is poor, or you don’t even need the phone to look for data connection it had be better you turn it off!

The little bits all add together and then your battery should hopefully last at least until you get home from work!

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