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How to recover permanently deleted files on your memory card and computers.

Sometimes, we accidentally delete files that are relevant to us and later realize that we need just one of the files or accidentally hit the Control delete button command on our PC.

This kind of situation can make you sulk,complain or even smash your phone or computer on the floor.

Calm down,the point is we have all been there. But with the right knowledge and right software, you can have a much happier outcome next time.

The lowdown is that only a few people know that when a file is deleted on a phone or a PC’s recycle bin emptied, the deleted file still occupies its space on the hard drive or memory stick until it is over written by a new file.So this means you have a chance to bring the file back to the world of living and you don’t have to be a nerd to do that.Nonetheless, you will need the right software.

And the right software for this assignment is “kickass undelete” .I’ll suggest you download it at http://www.sourceforge.net/project/kickassundelete and keep in your system or install as soon as you finish your download. To recover your permanently deleted files, simply launch the software,select the drive from which the file was deleted and click scan. If it is your phone,you click on your phone’s USB drive( Pls note that your phone has to be connected to the system through the USB) and click scan.

When the file search has been completed,the search results will be displayed with the name , type,size and the last modified date of the searched file. You can then select the file to be recovered.

Now, you can easily recover your permanently deleted files and that delete button don’t have the power it seems to have over you again because I decided to share this info with you.

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