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There is a large number of people with great business ideas and the right resources but only a few with the right knowledge have been able to put these ideas forward into action, while a great chunk of those yet to actualize their dreams blame it on lack of funds. The truth is,you may not have the capital to buy a franchise or open a storefront, but you can run your business on a platform that is better in efficiency, with a reach beyond your imagination and at a low cost.

Let’s say you are actually stuck because your funds weren’t enough to ignite your idea. What you don’t know is that this may be a call for a different approach. “Where there’s no door, there is always a window somewhere.” Probably Windows 8 or 10,they are all customary windows we spend hours looking at everyday. Just saying! Anyway, have you ever thought of starting an online business or using the internet as a platform to build a vast customer base and a store free of maintenance cost and space? An online business, also referred to as e-business is any kind of business activity that happens online, that is, via the internet. It can include buying and selling online or providing an online service and it has a lot of benefits. Such as cost saving in rent and staffing,greater flexibility,efficiency in product service and service delivery with a 24/7 accessibility to customers all over the world to mention a few.

Honestly,there is no form of business that cannot be done online and starting one is not as tough as the sound of it. It is extremely inexpensive,you have flexibility of your time, freedom to choose your location and unlimited income potential.To start one, follow the 3 stages below.

Stage 1; Setting up your online business.

To set up your e-business, you must first of all register your domain name which is your web address. This can be likened to registering an offline business’ name.Choose a name that is short and catchy so that it will be easy for people to remember and must be unique from other websites (You can check domain name registrars such as Go daddy and Syskay). Subsequently, find an internet host for your website. The internet host provides a platform for you to display your website 24 hours per day.Of course,you will need to pay a monthly or annual fee for the domain name and website hosting but the fee is a meagre sum compared to what you may have to pay for an office space or rent, so don’t fret.

Stage 2; Creating your online store.

To establish a perfect online store, you need to get an e-commerce software and a merchant account. Every payment made with a credit card or debit card involves the transfer of funds to a merchant account,which a merchant (thats you) holds directly with a bank like Paypal while the e-commerce software is necessary for your customers to make a secure purchase.The e-commerce software performs any necessary calculations such as volume discounts, sales tax and shipping costs.You can get an e-commerce software on Shopify site.  Please note that your website is your online store,so your website should reflect what you are selling, it should be engaging and easy to use for customers, especially when they want to make purchases.

Stage 3;Promoting your online business.

Be social. Having business accounts with Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc, will promote your online business a great deal. Make sure those sites link back to your main website and that your site has links to all of them.

Become an affiliate marketer. Most companies and webmaster use affiliate programs to boost their online sales.It is used to market products so when a visitor buys an item through your affiliate link, you earn an affiliate commission and your products too are marketed by the other affiliates, the process being vice versa.

Food for thought: People like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page of Google and Jeff Bezos of Amazon became so wealthy today, all because they were smart enough to sow their business seeds on the ever fertile internet soil.

As you can see, online business can be extremely fun and liberating. You can start little and grow your website overtime to fit your customer’s needs and your schedule, so why not take a chance and try? Remember, it is just a window away. Don’t be “stuck”.

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