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How To Track Your Internet Usage, Austerity Calls

With all the problems surrounding torrents and illegal internet activity, internet providers are becoming more careful about their customer’s usage, and you could find yourself disconnected for something as innocent as watching IrokoTV!

Apart from being disconnected from the internet, depending on your provider, you could also find yourself with a huge bill, and that is why am here, to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Using the power of Google, search for and download a program, called AnalogX Netstat Live, which is, of course, free, and install using the built-in guide to help you through installation.  Once you have downloaded and installed, find it in your programs list and open it.

Once you have opened it, right click anywhere inside the box and then select the word, Configure. By clicking the word Disabled underneath Auto Minimize, Auto Start and Close Minimizes, you’ll be enabling them – which you need to do because everytime you turn on your computer, this program will start automatically.

And that’s it! Now everytime you want to see your internet usage, just open up this box and it will show you! Handy huh? 

Now you might want to check your monthly allowance and try your best to stay within that allowance!

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