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How To Use Facebook To Network With Other Professionals Like You

You must have known that all the fun in the world can not be full without “Facebooking” and neither is there a better platform for you to launch your products and services to the entire world but for those that aspire for top connections and better associations, Facebook ought to be in your coffers, just like LinkedIn.

Why? Because you get friend requests from colleagues, customers and managers which have made it less than the strict social network of before, and one can now brand oneself on Facebook just like we have always been doing on LinkedIn.

Here’s how to use Facebook for professional networking;

1. Facebook Events

The best way people connect and develop good business contacts is mostly through “get together” and events that exclude the formal settings to an extent. You can set up a networking evening relevant to your field, making optimum use of Facebook’s event engine which allows users to write up and invite people with no ado.

2. Facebook Groups and Pages

The main purpose of groups and pages on Facebook is to create a brand for yourself and bring people in your field or those with common likes like yourself together. The major benefit of these two is that your page will rank high for your name in search engines like Google.

3. Status Updates

Your updates should be more professional and streamlined to your work, unlike the common useless thoughts you encounter nowadays. It can be something that has to do with your business or other people’s business but relevant to your field. Like tips, quotes, etc. It should be structured to a potential customer or employer.

4. Set up Your Facebook Email Address

To brand yourself, you have to first customize your domain on Facebook to Facebook.com/segunibitayo, unlike the conventional Facebook.com/34567345675 in the default settings. What this does is, it will double as your Facebook email address like segunibitayo@Facebook.com.

5. Use A Professional Profile Picture

For an instant professional outlook, it will be good you upload the kind of picture you use on your LinkedIn account and it must be an authentic representation of your personal brand. If you are consuming some mouthwatering dish in your profile picture, you had better be into food management in other words.

6. Input Your Professional Details In Your Profile

Now that Facebook makes the first text after your name in your profile what you do for a living, which is a quick way to present yourself to whoever comes searching, in an instant, it, therefore, makes much sense for you to put in necessary details about your profession such as your company name, what you do and not who you are plus your education details as this can be of good help when old classmates decide to stop by.

That’s all about it and you can feel free to put in other things you think I ought to have mentioned.

Merry Christmas.

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