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HP Sliced Into Two To Make A Difference

On the heels of yesterday, HP finally decided to stop placing all its eggs in the same basket since the company’s incept some 75 years ago. The big computer and info tech company had been making preparation for this separation about a year ago and it has come to pass at last.

One of the entity, HP Inc is consumer oriented, that is, a stand alone company that focuses solely on printers and PCs for the consumer market while the other, HP Enterprise is enterprise oriented, that is also a stand alone company separated to deal with commercial computer systems, software and tech services.

According to the company, the decision to separate the company was made to simplify HP’s complex business structure and allow each newly formed company to concentrate its financial resources solely on its own operations.

What this literally means is that the body got sliced into two to develop a narrower and sharper focus for both the enterprise unit and the PC-printer division,to ultimately deal with competitions and become less lucrative.

The new HP Enterprise will be led by company CEO Meg Whitman and the PC business by Australian native HP executive Dion Weisler.

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