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Hyper-Realistic Paintings Of Oresegun Olumide Trend The Internet




Trending this week on social media are works of Nigerian hyper-realistic artist, Oresegun  Olumide. His works portray oil paintings of children washing in water. At first, when one looks at the pictures, they think they are photographed. But indeed, these works are all painted, and each work takes about two to three weeks, and sometimes can take a couple of months, he told CNN.

Oresegun Olumide

Oresegun Olumide

35-year-old Olumide graduated with a distinction in Fine Arts from Yaba College of Technology Lagos. Quite reserved, little is known about him before this recent online publicity of his art. This could explain why his works are nothing short of excellence; Olumide invests all his time in his art. Nonetheless, his works Hair Care and Secret have been exhibited in local and foreign galleries like the Tiwani Contemporary Gallery, London and have been auctioned and sold in notable auction houses like Arthouse Contemporary Limited.


Olumide’s works do not just look real, they are captivating. He knows what kind of portraits to paint that keeps viewers fixed. Paintings portraying children in water keeps one affixed as they admire the beauty and innocence of the children and the artistry involved in painting water. Most of his works are centred around children and women- art subjects that are certainly charming.


Though he doesn’t have any website or blog, his trends keep rising with over 31.7k followers on Instagram. His works can be found in his name via online search engines and on Facebook and Twitter.



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