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Kwara State Wants to Be One of the Largest Tech Hubs in Nigeria, Plans to Build N500m ‘Computer Village’ in Ilorin.



Last week, Kwara State Governor, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, performed the groundbreaking of Harmony Hub, Kwara State’s version of the popular Computer Village, in Ilorin. The entire project is estimated to cost 500 million Naira


“Nigeria’s ICT sector is reputed as the largest in Africa with $18 billion investments and 28 percent internet penetration as of 2013,” the governor said.

“Countries around the world are competing to be the next technological innovations and the associated prosperity and Nigeria is not left out ….”

“The project also announces Kwara as a potential largest technological hub in Nigeria outside Lagos state.’’

However, a lot of people feel that the move is borne out of misplaced priority. According to an interview Premium Times had with a student of the faculty of Information and Communication Sciences, University of Ilorin, Notiki Bello:

“I think it is really not necessary. The challenge is the known hub in Ilorin. I do not think it should be changed, but it could be upgraded. Also, the space allotted for the new hub is really small. If truly there is going to be a technology boom in Kwara, that space won’t contain it,” he said.



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