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LinkedIn set to get the next generation on board via its new app

Despite having working professionals as its bread and butter, LinkedIn is set to get the next generation on board its platform through a new app-LinkedIn Students.

The app will be launched today and as the name sounds, it is basically for to be professionals who are still in the process-students. LinkedIn Students is meant to specifically guide those about to graduate on what next to do after their graduation and you will agree that the app will be a lot handy in this vein. 

Well, it does this by highlighting companies and job titles that might be suitable for students based on their course of study and school while giving them a great chance to form a professional network ever before being a pro.

The app displays the information in a card-like format that requires the students to go through a series of option, so much unlike the maiden one that’s made of multiple tabs and the purpose is to streamline its content to soothe the student’s course of study and school while providing details on alternate jobs, salary range, growth rate, role description, available jobs and more.

The app also gives students an opportunity to showcase their projects to prospective employers and universities too can submit their events such as career fairs, recruiting sessions and more.

It is currently available for Android and iOS users in the US alone and it’s not certain, however, when it would become available to students in other parts of the world.

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