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MasterCard Wants You To Confirm Your Payments With A Selfie

Got a valid ID or some selfie?

It appears we are drifting into a period where emails and passwords will come to be of little relevance to us. And what will speed up this phenomenon is the need for a more secure means of an identification – the main reason why MasterCard is asking for your “Selfie”.

The technology referred to as MasterCard Identity Check will allow customers to make and verify purchases online by taking a selfie or fingerprinting, rather than entering a password. 

You will agree that having to remember different passwords every now and then (especially if your passwords are more than one) has made the so-called passwords less than a friend to most of us, thereby making this technology something of a reckoning, coupled with its high definition of security.

The President of Enterprise Security Solutions, MasterCard, Ajay Bhalla at the Mobile World Congress said, “The selfie payments will only be available to users in the United Kingdom for starters but will expand to about 11 countries in Europe and North America soon”. Hopefully, Africa too.

This is how it works:

Customers will be asked to download an app on mobile and desktop. (They will still need to provide credit card details, but can look at the phone’s camera or use the fingerprint sensor instead of entering a password.)

To make sure users are actually looking at the phone’s camera – and not holding up a photo of someone else – they will have to blink.

mastercard selfie3

The app converts the photo into 1s and 0s using facial recognition technology and transmits it over the internet to MasterCard.

Ajay Bhalla also assured users that the biometric data will be stored and transmitted in a form that can’t be intercepted.

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