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Microsoft planning new job cuts

Microsoft is getting ready for a new set of job cuts, the media reported on Wednesday. The latest job cuts follow up on the 18,000 jobs that Microsoft planned to cut last year, Reuters reported, citing The New York Times. Most of the job cuts should happen in the hardware section, including the smartphone business that Microsoft acquired from Nokia last year, the newspaper said.

The company was unavailable for further comment at this time.

Last year, Microsoft started one of the biggest job cuts in tech history, as it started laying off 18,000 people, or 14 per cent of its entire workforce. The effort was done to turn Microsoft into a cloud-computing and mobile-friendly software company.

In June, Microsoft said Stephen Elop, the former top boss at phone-maker Nokia, and three other high-level executives were leaving the company.

The company is currently getting ready to launch its latest version of the Windows operating system. Windows 10, planned to be released on July 29, is the first OS designed to run across PCs, tablets and phones. The company said the OS will be more of a service, and less of a product. It represents a powerful step forward for the company, with a fresh internet browser called Edge, the digital assistant Cortana, and the redesigned Start menu.



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