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Mobile Operating Systems You Don’t Know That Exist




In the terrain of smartphones, two operating systems can no doubt be joked with; Android and iOS. Probably because they are the ones dominating the stage with little props been given to Blackberry and Windows but little do some people know that there are other operating systems on or lingering by the side of the stage that they are quite ignorant of.

Looking at my smartphone and its functions one day, I suddenly realized that there is an extent to which you can “live” life itself because the real essence of life basically evolves around the smartphones in our hands (If you want to argue it, try a day without your phone and see how happy you will be).

Don’t get lost in my delusion of smartphones but draw close to the light I want to shed on some operating systems although, I won’t be going in the way of the common ones. I will rather be delving into the dwarfed ones.

Well, I term them “dwarfed” not because they weren’t good enough but because the emergence of the likes of Android and iOS  have made them less obvious.

Symbian OS: This has been the Lord of the rings until Android came and knocked it off in 2010. Used by major phone brands like Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, the OS was first released in 2002 and the last phone released with OS was in 2014 by Fujitsu and Sharp. Today,Symbian is maintained by Accenture till probably 2016.

symbian belle


Open WebOS: Also known as WebOS has been used in many smartphones and tablets like Pixi, Veer smartphones and HP TouchPad tablet. It was developed by Palm for mobile devices and later became acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2010.



Maemo: This OS was developed by Nokia for smartphones and tablets but was handed down to Hildon Foundation in 2012.Examples are Nokia N900 and Nokia N9.



There are a few others but I decided against putting them up since they have ceased to be relevant.

Allow me to end on this queer note: “We shall be witnessing more mobile operating systems soon, but will Android and iOS give room for them to stand?”.

Till then, Shalom.


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