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Morgan Freeman’s voice to start giving you directions

There is no gainsaying that Morgan Freeman’s voice has been a source of splendour and grace to some films, documentaries, TV commercials, as well as Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but how more splendid will it be to find your way around with the same voice?

If you are a Waze user, expect the authoritative voice of Morgan Freeman to start giving you turn-by-turn directions just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kevin Hart, and Stephen Colbert, even though it is a small short term offering.

The deal was done mainly to promote his upcoming film, “London has fallen,” and trips directed by Freeman’s voice will be sprinkled with dramatic lines from the movie to give each drive you take the urgency of an action thriller.

Quotes include: “The time has arrived, President Wazer. The world awaits your commands.”; “The American people are counting on you… to drive. Let’s go.”; and “Accident reported ahead. I’ll get a line to emergency command.”

Who knows the next voice that will be giving you directions? As for me, nothing can substitute God’s voice in my life because of its utmost accuracy, moreover, it is divine.

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