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MTN launches a bundle that will enable subscribers solar-charge their devices in South Africa

MTN has launched a promotional package in South Africa that features World Panel’s SunStream, a product that will enable its subscribers to stream electricity directly from the sun to their mobile devices.

With this incredible service, subscribers who are used to packing power banks in their detail will have no need of doing so anymore with total assurance that nothing can go wrong, except the sun refuses to rise.

The new bundle was announced at an event in Mthana where the product was demonstrated and promoted with executives from MTN and World Panel Inc. present.

The MTN/SunStream bundle comes with an MSRP equivalent of N2,920.00 which includes a SunStream and an equivalent of about N267.00 free airtime on the network. It is available in stores in Mthana and is expected to roll out across South Africa.

Perhaps you are doubting the essence of this innovation, the highly durable SunStream products can charge most feature phones at or near the same speed as a wall plug and amazingly, it can perform even while submerged in water.


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