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New Titanic movie expected to explore conspiracy theory

A new movie about the sinking of Titanic is expected to put a controversial spin on the tragic story.  The script will focus on a conspiratorial plot involving the Belfast-built liner’s sinking, the companies involved have said, although no further details are available.

Seven Stars Entertainment, a Sun Seven Stars Media Group subsidiary, and Peak Time Entertainment, the new co-venture between producers Bruno Wu and Arthur Sarkissian, announced their project 20 years after the release of the 1997 blockbuster Titanic.

Titanic Code is scheduled to begin filming in early 2017 as a Chinese-American production and is based on a script by David Marconi, who penned Martin Campbell’s The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, which was also produced by the American Sarkissian.

This original Wu-Sarkissian production will build on a brand new angle on the tale and encompass the themes of conspiracy, action, disaster and romance.

A “top-notch global cinema production team” will be announced “soon”, a statement from the makers said.

Sarkissian is best known for the Rush Hour trilogy, featuring Chan and Chris Tucker. A fourth film has been announced, but Chan has not committed as of yet.

Seven Stars Entertainment was co-founded by Hong Kong international tycoon Wu and his wife, the entertainment personality and Chinese businesswoman Lan Yang.

Sun Seven Stars Media will also be involved in providing merchandising services, and will appoint a team of Titanic-related experts, research specialists, and explorers to engage in production planning for a dedicated online Channel.

The word ‘Titanic’ remains one of the most searched words on Google worldwide.

There are over 300 million daily searches by more than 50 million people.

James Cameron’s Titanic was China’s biggest box office hit from its debut in 1997 until 2009, when it was overtaken by Cameron’s science fiction epic Avatar.



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