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Technology since its incept has always been attached to the male gender for reasons most of us can’t really explain. And one can hardly find a lady so passionate about tech like they are today in the 80’s when women were relegated to the kitchen. But somewhere along the line, women became more tech inclined like men and tech eventually became a deal both genders are into.

Therefore, there’s no gainsaying in the fact that women have come to love tech like we men do. As a matter of fact, women seem to dig every little thing men dig, as in like. An example is the trouser, followed by football. We have more female football fans unlike before and they are into the sport like never.Gone are the days women are associated with domestic gadgets like bread makers, microwave, blow dryers, lash curlers and the likes. More so, they are earning more than before.

So, what kind of gadgets do women really dig, irrespective of its shape or color?

Apple. Ladies can’t seem to resist or deny their love for iPhones,iPads and iPods.

Reason; Apple products are well designed, durable and straightforward to use. Just like a classic handbag, and Forbes at a time, described Apple as the world’s most discretely feminine brand. No wonder some even say it is the literal ‘Apple’ of female consumer’s eyes.

Another gadget I found women to be so fond of is the Tablet. Ladies make up about 61 percent of e-readers market in the world and Tablet is the best gadget ever for most ladies to keep up with the numerous romance stories online. You know the likes of Jackie Collins, Daniele Steel, Barbara Cartland, Dennis Robbins, Sydney Sheldom,etc.That also brings Amazon’s Kindle to light, an efficient e-book machine.

A lot of ladies out there, both old and young are avid users of wearable gadgets too. Gadgets such as Microsoft band, Fitbits, Jawbone, etc. These gadgets can be referred to as fitness gadgets and almost all the ladies are dying to maintain there youthful figure. Maybe to save their marriage, just saying! What about cameras? As long as it is small, compact, sleek and simple, it will always be a lady’s favorite.

Women love cars too but they seem to show little or no interest to gadgets such as the smart TVs and ground breaking sound systems we have. Still a guy thing, right? What about Drones? Don’t we think it will be amazing to see a Nigerian woman fly drones? Well, am earnestly waiting to see the first woman to take up this beautiful art.

Remember, technology is an art and it is not exclusive to the male, but both genders. Cheers!


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