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Nokia Emerges From The Back Stage



It was a sad story for some Nokia lovers when the most thought to be universal mobile company in the world reclined to the backstage while pushing Microsoft on the main stage to do what it thinks it can to stand forth with the the Lord of the rings in the world of mobile tech, talking about the likes of Apple, Samsung and the rest.

Must confess I was initially devastated, considering the staunch reputation Nokia had since the inception of mobile phones a decade ago and who knows, the speculations of a new gadget in the process could be the spring Nokia needs to bounce back on the stage.That is if the reports from Mobile Choice is anything to go by. The report suggest Nokia is building a new device, dubbed the C1 and the device is rumoured to have a 5-inch screen, full HD resolution, an Intel processor and 2GB of RAM.

Nokia C1

Surprisingly, the new device is apparently going to split it’s service between two masters; Windows 10 and Android. This means that there will be an Android version and a Windows 10 version too.






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