We are Digital Passion


Technology has apparently evolved from the stage of a daily need to that of a daily fix in the life of most consumers.Truth be told,we are nothing without tech and some people have literally become tech junkies because they can’t achieve much at work or their homes, without using a form of technology. If I may ask, how many people can survive a day without the need of an online service or the use of the internet? Let alone their phones!

Online service in simple terms is a service or information provided over the internet and dates as far back as 1979, though it became well pronounced in Nigeria less than 10 years ago. Online services are now so common, prevalent and often free that most subscribers do not even realize they are using one. The likes of Uber, EasyTaxi, Wakanow, Jovago, Jumia, Konga, Hellofood, Bookdey and so on are quite prominent here.

I remember some time ago when one can hardly get a transaction done without physically been present in a bank or a shopping mall to get ones’ needs.But now, we can carry out any form of transaction, shop from a wide range of malls and have the goods delivered to our doorsteps.We can book taxis,order for meals to be delivered to us wherever, book flights, hotels, and many more. Amazingly, all these can be done from the comfort of our rooms, provided we have an internet enabled phone and it leaves little to ones imagination as to why the tech has become an integral part of our lives.

So far, this tech is the most valuable tool of globalization and it has tremendously made jobs easier in terms of time management, increased the growth of many businesses  because their products and services can be accessed by the whole world, 24 hours, 7 days non stop. Not to forget the social networks,the best marketing tool for businesses. Bottom line,it has driven away the stress we had to cope with, back in the days.

Apparently, the impact of online services on people’s lifestyle cannot be denied and it is a far cry from our former way of living. But I have a question for those who are yet to take their businesses to the online platform, why is your business not on the internet?


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