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Peegin.com — The Urban Dictionary Of Nigerian Pidgins/Names — Is Created By A Nigerian For Nigerians.



We already have an online dictionary for slangs, why not for pidgin?!

Someone probably had that thought and decided to create a crowdsourced online dictionary of Pidgin words and phrases. It is called Peegin.com and has already garnered a reasonable amount of contributions.

Just like Urban Dictionary, there is no limit to the words, names or phrases that can be added. (Although, you would need to register to contribute).

For example, someone uploaded the meaning of names like Linda Ikeji


Lai Mohammed




Osi Suave


To name a few.

One of the issues I noticed with Peegin.com is the lack of a robust SEO strategy. For example, when you search for the meaning of the names above, the probability of you seeing Peegin.com’s results on the first two pages on Google is slim.

Now, to the interesting part:

Who created Peegin.com?  According to the information gotten from the Registrar data, Austine Amah created Peegin.com on the 15th of August, 2016. (He should have at least protected his name, address, and number).


He has also gotten about 460 contributions on the site.



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