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Rurudo Fan Shade, A Gadget That Will Wow You

The Rurudo Fan Shade is a gadget that is designed to wow you, even if you are not a tech lover. 

A fan, parasol and rain umbrella in one! The Rurudo Fan Shade is created purposely for harsh weather conditions, the kind that will make you wish for something out of this world.

It is designed like an umbrella only that it doubles as a fan to keep you super cool whenever you find yourself under the scourging effect of a harsh sun and to likewise shield you from rain like every reliable umbrella should.

rurudo blades

The cute umbrella has three fan blades under its canopy and its fabric is water repellent. As expected, the fans are powered by 4 AA batteries and its control is in the form of a button on the handle.

rurudo button

Ideal for use when spending periods of time out in the sun watching sports and events, the refreshing breeze generated by the Rurudo Fan Shade can keep on cooling you down for two hours straight. Just press the button on the handle to start the fan and close the parasol canopy to turn it off.

So, come rain, come shine, Rurudo Fan Shade will always be there for you at the price of $117.

Oops! Never mind that the instructions are in Japanese because finding your way around the gadget is just as easy as A,B,C.

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