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Samsung and LG develop advanced battery tech to extend life of mobile devices

KOREAN TECH FIRMS Samsung and LG have both announced new developments in technology designed to extend the life of rechargeable batteries in mobile devices.Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has developedmaterials that could double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries.

The chemicals division of LG, LG Chem, meanwhile, revealed a hexagonal battery to pack extra power into smaller Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, such as smartwatches.

Samsung’s technology uses silicon cathode material coded with high-crystalline graphene to produce batteries with twice as much capacity as ordinary lithium-ion versions.

A research paper published in the international science journal Nature Communication said that the new technology is expected to enhance the performance of mobile devices and electric vehicles.

“The research has dramatically improved the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by applying a new synthesis method of high-crystalline graphene to a high-capacity silicon cathode,” said Son In-hyuk, a professional researcher at SAIT.

“We will continue to improve the secondary cell technology to meet the expanding demand from mobile device and electric vehicle markets.”

Patents covering the new battery tech, which takes advantage of graphene materials as opposed to graphite because it is physically stronger and more conductive, thus doubling the density, have been applied for in Korea, China, Europe and the US.

Meanwhile, LG’s new battery technology is a little less complicated. Instead of a smartwatch battery being round or rectangular, LG Chem seems to think that a hexagonal shape will provide an extra four hours a day of wearable action.

A report in The Korea Times said that LG is working with a major technology firm to develop a device powered by this battery, but that’s the only information being given away at the moment.

Nevertheless, the new hexagonal battery technology, for which LG owns the patents, can be developed in different shapes and sizes and will be available to OEMs. So it could be seen in a range of devices in one form or another.



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