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Samsung Executives Kneel Before Dealers To Apologize For The Note 7 Mishap in China


This week, about 20 South Korean Samsung leaders went down on their knees during a dealers’ meeting held in China to apologize for the Note 7’s mishap and to show their gratitude, a move that deserves an applause, right? However, the move backfired spectacularly as many Chinese fans/ non-fans were quite livid

Apparently, the act of going down on one’s knees in China is usually reserved as a sign of respect for senior family members or during religious ceremonies.

“Kneeling in Chinese culture is an expression of submission and reverence, and we only kneel before our ancestors. Samsung’s apology disgusted me; this is China, and they should use the Chinese way of apologizing,” one Internet user commented.

Meanwhile, the hashtag“SamsungMakesChineseKneelForSales” has garnered over 1.9 million page views on SinaWeibo as of press time, with most comments condemning the company’s behavior as “an inhuman insult.”

In response to the backlash, a Samsung spokesman had this to say:

“They were really touched and knelt to show their gratitude. Many of the Chinese staff were also touched and followed suit.”

In other words, Samsung failed to observe the principle of KYC and got criticized for a rather commendable effort.



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