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Samsung Galaxy S7 release date could be bumped to January


Samsung typically announces its new Galaxy S flagships at or around MWC, which in 2016 takes place towards the end of February. But this time we might see the announcement brought forward to sometime in January. That’s according to ETNews, which claims the Samsung Galaxy S7 could arrive more than a month ahead of schedule, citing ‘multiple parts industry stakeholders’ as their source. More specifically it appears to say that the flagship will arrive on January 19, though the translated version of the page isn’t entirely clear.

While this is all just a rumour for now Samsung did announce the Galaxy Note 5a couple of weeks earlier than expected, so it is very possible that it will do the same with the Galaxy S7

Will the S7 be a foldable flagship?

The report also mentions both ‘premium’ and ‘sub-premium’ versions of the phone, which lines up with recent rumours of a foldable handset coming from Samsung. That was also said to come in two versions- one with a Snapdragon 820 processor and the other with a Snapdragon 620 one and like the S7 it’s rumoured to be arriving in January 2016.

So could this bendable phone and the Samsung Galaxy S7 be one and the same? They certainly both sound like flagships, so it could be that one version of the Galaxy S7 will be bendable and arrive in January at a separate event, or even that they all will be.

A separate rumour, this time from ‘i Ice universe’ on Weibo, echoes an older leak with claims that the Samsung Galaxy S7 could have a magnesium alloy frame, making the phone tougher than ever. Or at least making the sides tougher, as the back is likely to still be glass.

Whether all of this will pan out remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure, January is starting to look a whole lot more exciting.



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