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Samsung Is Making Battery Boosters In Bands And Feather-Weight


Samsung is out to make wearables a part of all human activities in an unusual manner, by making two sets of wearables that will definitely wash away the long impression that wearable tech is a gimmick. An impression that is quite common with those who don’t understand the concept behind wearable technology itself.

The 2 new set of wearables are Samsung’s latest add-on battery prototypes; Band and Stripe. The Band is meant to be attached to the straps of smart-watches so as to boost the device’s original life by 50 percent while Stripe, a very thin, more versatile and bendy strip that can withstand 50,000 bends is designed for other kinds of wearables such as smart necklaces, headbands and the interactive clothing designs.

The whole concept is kind of similar to smartphone cases that include battery, only that the band or stripe is lighter and quite durable. I am sure the adoption of this wearable will flush power banks away, if it comes cheap.

The company also revealed the new lithium-ion batteries it is developing for its smartphones. The lithium-ion batteries,unlike the ones we have around is denser which enables it to carry more charge that can last up to 21 hours.

The Band, Stripe and denser lithium batteries are still prototypes yet to be released but there are indications that their release date won’t be any farther.

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